Experience Life!

I want to help you understand the importance and power of understanding yourself better to live a healthier, happier and more satisfied life. 

To more fully experience your life instead of just surviving it.


Marriage and family therapist, author, speaker, husband of almost 20 years and dad of twin (boy/girl) 16-year old teenagers.

By raising our sense of self-awareness, we can grow to be better partners, parents and people.

Fatherhood in 40-Minute Snapshots

Many men are learning to be Dads by creating their own blueprint as parents. Fatherhood in 40-Minute Snapshots is a collection of first person pieces from a man, dad and therapist who has blazed his own parental trail and written about it so others can find their own path. 40-Minute Snapshots explores the challenges and joys of being a dad while sharing insights and a modern perspective on fatherhood.

Media Appearances

Jeremy has been interviewed and/or published in dozens of media outlets in the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. For media requests, please contact publicist Stephanie Held.