Being Regaled By Stories of My Daughter

My daughter is going to a musical theatre camp and it is one of the best times of the year! Every night when I get home from work, she regales me with stories of what she did during the day. There’s always new dance steps she learned and if I’m really lucky, she’ll show them to me or even try and teach them to me. I also get to hear about the songs they’re working on and how she feels about them and if the sun and moon are aligned correctly, I’ll get to hear her sing for me. That’s pure heavenly joy right there. I’ll also get to hear about the friends she’s making or her relationship with her instructors, one of whom seems to really get Dorit, which is amazing as a parent to see.

But it doesn’t really matter what she is telling me. The reason this is one of my favorite times of year is because she is more alive, more vibrant than the rest of the year. She is vibrating with the joy and passion she has for musical theatre and after all she has been through this year, she deserves this happiness.

And I love coming home to watch my Sweetie Girl so radiant. What else can a Dad ask for in life?