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Jeremy has been writing for 20 years about his experiences as a dad and man overcoming his past to be the best parent, partner, and person he can be.

Fatherhood in 40-Minute Snapshots

Many men are learning to be Dads by creating their own blueprint as parents. Fatherhood in 40-Minute Snapshots, published in 2018, is a collection of first person pieces from a man, dad and therapist who has blazed his own parental trail and written about it so others can find their own path. 40-Minute Snapshots explores the challenges and joys of being a dad while sharing insights and a modern perspective on fatherhood.

This captivating book unveils the raw and tender moments that define the modern dad's experience, taking you on an intimate exploration of the joys, challenges, and transformative encounters that shaped Jeremy's journey.  Through his vulnerable and unfiltered narratives, the author imparts timeless wisdom and presents a fresh perspective on the true essence of being a father. Each bite-sized insight is delicately woven with a sprinkle of humor.

Every article was written on his 40-minute commuter train ride to work after he had left his family in the morning. They are snapshots in time, moments of reflection and, as is Jeremy’s style, honest and revealing not only about his life but how it is affecting him.

The Introduction explores the four key components to be an involved Dad while the articles are organized into several categories so that you may read it all the way through or focus on the topics of most importance to you in that moment. Each article is about 1-2 pages, easy-to-read bite sized chunks, of parenting life with morsels of humor, insight and the reality of being a parent today.

Published Articles

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Fatherhood Snapshots: 

The Early Years

This generation of men is undergoing a comprehensive overhaul of what it means to be a father, a Dad, with a capital "D". Our Parental Promise as Dads is changing and many Dads are faced with choosing between being more present for their kids while maybe not being able to financially provide the way our Dads did for us.

The Early Years is a FREE ebook that explores Jeremy's experiences as an involved Dad when his twins were three-to-four years old with his wonderful ability to bring the reader into his family to share the challenges and joys of modern parenting.

Published Articles

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In My Rearview Mirror

A traumatic childhood can hold people back from living the life they want to live. In My Rearview Mirror is the story of how Jeremy survived the trauma of his childhood and how he did the work necessary to become the kind of husband, father and man he only hoped he could be.

This is deeply moving and inspiring story about overcoming childhood trauma and building a life of love will be available soon.