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Fatherhood in 40-Minute Snapshots

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Fatherhood in 40-Minute Snapshots is a collection of parenting articles written by Jeremy exploring the challenges and joys of being a father to his twins. He writes about what was involved in getting ready for his kids to be born (and what he wished he knew then), the struggles in getting his kids to sleep through the night, the strange bonding of helping his kids use the toilet, the anxiety of school, trying to keep his marriage together, and trying to determine whether he is being a good father or not.

Every article was written on his 40-minute commuter train ride to work after he had left his family. They are snapshots in time, moments of reflection and, as is Jeremy’s style, honest and revealing not only about his life but how it is affecting him.

The articles are organized into several categories so that you may read it all the way through or focus on the topics of most importance to you in that moment. Each article is about 1-2 pages, easy-to-read bite sized chunks, of parenting life with morsels of humor, insight and the reality of being a parent today.

Fatherhood in 40-Minute Snapshots
By Jeremy G. Schneider


Jeremy provides insights and resources on parenting, relationships and mental health. He has been interviewed, published and quoted in media throughout the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

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Build On Your Strengths


Learn about what you can do to help yourself become a better person, parent and partner.

Ever since Jeremy was a child he has wanted to help people. He graduated from college with a BA in Clinical Psychology and realized he wanted to better understand how families function (or not, in many cases). He then earned his Master’s in Marriage and Family Therapy.

For almost 15 years he has been writing about his experiences in parenting, overcoming trauma, anxiety and depression. With the unique perspective of being someone who is trained to help people, but also having worked in therapy to deal with these issues head on, Jeremy has come up with several theories to help people deal with whatever they are facing.

He's dynamic and engaging and has been a featured speaker and appeared on panels in New York, Philadelphia, Dallas and Liverpool, England.